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Lean 4 Life Masterclass

  • Discover the exact amout of calories and macros for your needs

  • Learn the 12 key skills to stay on track in social settings

  • Step by step guide to find out what type of exercise is best for you

  • Learn to manage emotional eating and build a healthy relationship with food

  • Follow a proven system to build healthy habits that last a lifetime

Exclusive Interviews

  • Tony Horton (Creator of P90X)

  • Peter Sage (Personal Development Expert)

  • Jovon Quarles (Former Navy SEAL & Co-Host of "Special Forces")

  • Matt Tate (Veteran & Co-Host of Netflix's "Snowflake Mountain")

  • and many more!

250+ Healthy Recipes

  • Absolutely Delicious!

  • Options for all eating styles

  • Quick Prep Options

  • MyFitnessPal barcode for easy tracking

  • Download directly to your computer

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Paragon Well-Being LLC ©2024 | Terms of Use | Privacy Policy